As a leading manufacture Silver Jewelry, Stainless Steel Jewelry and Body Jewelry, AAB is committed to offer products in terms of excellence in design, innovation and quality. Since it’s founding in 1993, AAB has become the choice for worldwide customers.

Both AAB’s headquarters and factory are located in Guangzhou, China. AAB has over 200 employees and local branches in 5 countries. AAB currently sell in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Contact us : media@aab-co.com


We value our customers and understand today’s competitive business environment.

Our mission is to provide high quality fashionable products that our customers and partners can cost-effectively resell. We will do everything in our power to provide our customers with the most satisfying service in the industry. We are committed to unmatched credibility, stability and integrity.


Continuous improvement is our goal.

Our business continues to evolve based on ever-changing market conditions.

Our willingness to embrace change is the key to our continued success.

Our vision is to be the Leading Company Worldwide, in the eyes of our Customers, Employees, and Competitors.


It is easier than ever to do business with us.

We will take an active role in providing innovative product solutions, professional service, marketing materials, sales assistance and more.

Our customers are our partners. With our world class customer care and world-wide distribution capability we are committed to a long term business partnership.


The foundation-stone of our business is integrity. All interactions with customers, suppliers, business partners and work colleagues are conducted with decency, integrity, and mutual respect.

Our employees make the difference. We invest in the development of our employees and provide a professional, challenging and rewarding work environment.

We work safely in a manner that protects and promotes the health and well-being of the individual and the environment.